Best Tents for Long Term Camping

Best Tents for Long Term Camping

When it comes to tents for long term camping, selecting the right one can make all the difference in your outdoor living experience. A well-designed and durable tent not only provides shelter from the elements but also offers a comfortable space to call home during extended stays in nature.

In this blog post, we’ll examine the features and benefits of camping tents suited for long-term use, such as weather protection, durability, comfort amenities, cold-weather living options and environmentally friendly practices. We’ll discuss features such as weather protection, durability, and comfort amenities essential for making your tent feel like a true home away from home. Additionally, we will delve into cold-weather living options and environmentally friendly practices to enhance your long-term camping experience.

Whether you’re planning an extended adventure through national parks or simply looking to live off-grid for a while, these tents for long term camping will provide you with the knowledge needed to choose the perfect abode for your journey.

1. Choosing the Right Tent for Long-Term Camping

When deciding on a tent for extended camping, sturdiness, capacity and protection from the elements are essential factors to take into account. Some popular options include the White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent, Davis Gold Tent, Smittybilt Overlander tent, Kodiak Flex Bow tent, and Alpha Wall Tents by Elk Mountain Tents.

White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent: Spacious and Water Repellent

The White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is an excellent choice for those looking to make their camping trip as comfortable as possible. This spacious canvas tent offers ample room with its 16-foot diameter size while providing water repellency through its treated fabric material. The design also includes large windows with mesh screens, allowing fresh air circulation without letting in pesky insects.

Davis Gold Tent: Large Awning with Tall Mesh Doorways

If you’re seeking a car camping tent that provides additional outdoor living space, look no further than the Davis Gold series tents. These tents come equipped with tall mesh doorways, ensuring easy access alongside protection from bugs or other critters found within national parks where many adventurers choose to reside during extended stays outdoors.

Smittybilt Overlander Tent: Compact Rooftop Design Ideal for SUVs

The Smittybilt Overlander rooftop tent helps maximize your vehicle’s potential by turning it into a mobile home. With its compact design, this tent is perfect for those who enjoy exploring remote locations without sacrificing comfort or weather protection. Its aluminum poles and roof vents ensure stability during windy conditions while also providing adequate ventilation during rainy weather.

Kodiak Flex Bow Tent: Exceptional Durability in Various Weather Conditions

For campers seeking a durable option that can withstand various weather conditions, the Kodiak Flex Bow tent is an ideal choice. This heavy-duty canvas tent features robust steel rods paired with sturdy aluminum poles, ensuring long-lasting use even amidst harsh elements encountered throughout extended outdoor adventures.

Essential Gear for Long-Term Camping

  • Air mattresses: Provide extra comfort and insulation from cold ground surfaces.
  • Camping chairs: Offer relaxation opportunities after long days spent hiking or fishing within nearby areas surrounding your temporary dwelling place.
  • A large awning or screened shelter: Create additional living space protected from sun, rain, and insects while enjoying nature’s beauty up close alongside loved ones accompanying you on these unforgettable journeys together across planet Earth.

Key Thought: 

Choosing the right tent for long-term camping is crucial, and durability, space, and weather resistance should be considered. Popular options include the White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent, Davis Gold Tent, Smittybilt Overlander tent, Kodiak Flex Bow Tent, and Alpha Wall Tents by Elk Mountain Tents. Essential gear includes air mattresses for comfort and insulation from cold ground surfaces; camping chairs for relaxation after long days spent hiking or fishing; a large awning or screened shelter to create additional living space protected from sun, rain and insects while enjoying nature’s beauty up close with loved ones accompanying you on unforgettable journeys together across planet earth.

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2. Luxurious Options for Extended Outdoor Living

For those seeking to enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on comfort, luxurious tents are available that supply all necessities for a prolonged stay. These tents offer spacious living areas, high-quality materials, and impressive weather protection. Let’s explore two popular options: Fernweh Circular Canvas Tents and Grand Cabin Style Tents.

Fernweh Circular Canvas Tents – 16′ diameter with two bedrooms and eight windows

The Fernweh Circular Canvas Tent is perfect for long-term camping trips or even as a semi-permanent outdoor dwelling. With its generous 16-foot diameter, this tent provides ample space for up to six people comfortably sleeping in two separate bedrooms. The eight large windows ensure plenty of natural light while also offering excellent ventilation during warmer months.

  • Durable canvas material ensures longevity and weather resistance.
  • Two separate bedrooms provide privacy when needed.
  • Eight large windows allow fresh air circulation and natural lighting throughout the day.

Grand Cabin Style Tents – Waterproof features perfect for all-season living

If you’re looking for a more traditional cabin-style tent with modern luxuries, consider investing in a Grand Cabin Style Tent. These tents boast heavy-duty flooring material designed specifically to withstand full-time use while providing optimal waterproofing capabilities necessary when residing outdoors permanently within these temporary dwellings.

  • Spacious interior layout is suitable for accommodating multiple occupants comfortably at once.
  • Waterproof features protect against rainy weather ensuring dry conditions inside the tent.
  • Heavy-duty flooring material provides durability and longevity for extended stays outdoors.

Both the Fernweh Circular Canvas Tent and Grand Cabin Style Tent offer luxurious options for those seeking to make their long-term camping experience more comfortable. With ample space, durable materials, and excellent weather protection, these tents are perfect choices for anyone looking to live in a tent full-time while exploring national parks or embarking on other outdoor adventures.

Remember that investing in a high-quality camping tent is essential when planning an extended stay outdoors. By choosing one of these luxurious options, you’ll be able to enjoy your camping trip without worrying about staying warm during cold nights or finding shelter from unexpected storms. So go ahead – start planning your next adventure with confidence knowing you have the perfect tent waiting at home.

3. Essential Amenities & Facilities Access

For a truly immersive nature experience, long-term camping can be an ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors while having access to essential amenities and facilities. However, it’s essential to ensure you have access to the necessary amenities and facilities during your extended stay. For a pleasurable and healthy time away, it’s essential to guarantee you have access to the necessary amenities and services while camping for an extended period.

Public Showers: Maintaining Personal Hygiene on an Extended Trip

Finding public showers near your campsite is crucial for maintaining personal hygiene during long-term camping trips. Many national parks, state parks, and private campgrounds offer shower facilities that are either coin-operated or free of charge. Additionally, some truck stops provide pay-per-use showers with clean towels and toiletries available for purchase.

Nearby Facilities: Swimming Pools, Saunas & Lounges Providing Relaxation Opportunities

Beyond basic hygiene needs, consider seeking out nearby facilities offering additional relaxation opportunities like swimming pools, saunas, or lounges. These can serve as excellent ways to unwind after a long day of hiking or fishing while providing a refreshing change from life inside the tent walls. Some luxury RV resorts, community centers, or gyms may grant temporary memberships allowing access to their recreational spaces even if you’re just passing through town.

  • Swimming Pools: A dip in the pool can be both invigorating and relaxing after spending time exploring the great outdoors.
  • Saunas: Spending time in a sauna can help soothe sore muscles and promote relaxation, making it an excellent addition to your long-term camping experience.
  • Lounges: A comfortable lounge area provides a cozy space for socializing or enjoying some quiet time with a good book or movie on your tablet.

Don’t forget the importance of staying connected during your extended camping trip. Stay connected while camping with free Wi-Fi available at many campgrounds, allowing you to stay in touch and plan future trips. By ensuring access to essential amenities and facilities while living in camping tents full-time, you’ll be better prepared for a successful long-term camping experience that’s both enjoyable and sustainable.

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4. Environmentally Friendly Practices During Long-Term Camping

Adopting eco-friendly practices when living in camping tents full time is not only responsible but also essential for preserving the beauty of our planet. By utilizing eco-friendly habits, you can reduce the environmental effect of your extended camping trip and make it more enjoyable. In this section, we’ll discuss some simple yet effective ways to be environmentally conscious during your extended stay outdoors.

Rainwater Collection: Sustainable Water Supply Solution

Relying solely on bottled water sources can lead to a significant amount of plastic waste. Instead, consider collecting rainwater using tarps and buckets as an alternative water supply solution. This method helps conserve resources while reducing waste production levels significantly over extended periods spent outdoors within these temporary homes. You can use collected rainwater for washing dishes, cleaning clothes or even watering plants around your campsite. Check out this guide on how to build a rain barrel system for efficient collection and storage.

Meal Planning: Quick-Cook Ingredients and Reduced Waste

  • Prioritize quick-cook ingredients: Opt for foods that require minimal cooking time like pasta, rice or canned vegetables which help save fuel consumption from stoves or campfires.
  • Bulk buying: Purchase food items in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging waste generated by single-use containers commonly found at grocery stores.
  • Avoid disposable utensils: Invest in reusable plates, cups, and cutlery to minimize single-use plastic waste during your camping trip.
  • Composting: Create a small compost pile or use portable compost bins for disposing of organic waste like fruit peels, vegetable scraps, and coffee grounds. This practice helps reduce landfill contributions while providing nutrient-rich soil for nearby plants.

In addition to these practices, always remember the Leave No Trace principles when camping long-term. These guidelines include proper disposal of waste, and respecting wildlife, and other campers’ experiences by minimizing noise pollution from radios or generators. By following these environmentally friendly practices during your stay in a tent full time, you’ll not only make camping more enjoyable but also contribute positively towards preserving our planet’s natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

5. Preparing for Long-Term Camping

Embarking on a long-term camping venture can be an exhilarating and transformative journey. Before taking the plunge into long-term camping, it is essential to ensure you are mentally, physically and financially prepared. In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of having the right gear essentials like propane heaters for cold weather camping and adapting your mindset to embrace living in tents full-time.

Gear Essentials: Propane Heaters for Cold Weather Camping

One crucial aspect of preparing for long-term camping is ensuring you have all the necessary equipment to stay comfortable during your trip. A reliable propane heater can make all the difference when facing colder months or unpredictable weather conditions. These portable heaters are designed specifically for outdoor use and provide a safe source of warmth inside your tent without producing harmful fumes or carbon monoxide.

  • Durability: Choose a propane heater with sturdy construction that can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
  • Safety Features: Look for models with built-in safety features such as tip-over protection, oxygen depletion sensors (ODS), and automatic shut-off mechanisms.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Optimize fuel consumption by selecting a heater with adjustable heat settings or variable output controls.

Adapting Mindset: Embracing the Challenges of Living in Tents Full-Time

Beyond acquiring essential gear items like air mattresses and aluminum poles, embracing long-term tent living requires adopting a flexible mindset that allows you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This includes being open-minded about new experiences while also staying prepared both mentally and physically for any challenges that may arise during your journey.

  1. Expect the Unexpected: Be prepared to face unexpected situations, such as extreme weather conditions or encountering wildlife. Having a well-stocked emergency kit and knowing basic first aid can be lifesaving in these instances.
  2. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Embrace the ups and downs of living in tents full-time by focusing on the positives, like connecting with nature and enjoying newfound freedom from traditional dwellings.
  3. Create a Support Network: Stay connected with friends, family, or fellow campers through social media or other communication methods while you’re on your camping trip. This will help maintain morale and provide emotional support when needed.

Incorporating these tips into your long-term camping preparations will ensure that you are ready to fully embrace this unique lifestyle choice wholeheartedly throughout its duration. Happy camping.

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FAQs Tents for Long Term Camping

Can you live in a tent long term?

Yes, it is possible to live in a tent long-term with proper planning and preparation. Choose a durable, weather-resistant tent designed for extended use, ensure access to essential facilities like showers and restrooms, and follow environmentally friendly practices. However, be aware of local regulations that may restrict or prohibit long-term camping.

What is the average lifespan of a camping tent?

Living in a tent all year round is feasible but requires careful consideration for seasonal changes and extreme weather conditions. Invest in an all-seasons or cold-weather specific tents equipped with insulation features like built-in stove jacks, a reliable heating source, appropriate clothing,n and other necessary gear to stay comfortable throughout the year.

Is it possible to live in a tent all year round?

Living in a tent all year round is feasible but requires careful consideration for seasonal changes and extreme weather conditions. Invest in an all-seasons or cold-weather specific tent equipped with insulation features like built-in stove jacks,a reliable heating source, appropriate clothing,n and other necessary gear to stay comfortable throughout the year.

Why are tents important in camping?

Tents play an essential role during camping by providing shelter from the elements (rain, wind, and sun), privacy for sleeping and changing clothes, protection from insects and wildlife, as well as a sense of security. They also help create a comfortable space to relax after a day of outdoor activities.


Long-term camping can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires proper preparation. Choosing the right tent is crucial for a comfortable stay in nature. The White Duck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent, Davis Gold Tent, Smittybilt Overlander Tent, and Kodiak Flex Bow tent are all great options for durability in different weather conditions.

Cold-weather living options such as the Davis Tent with a built-in stove jack and Alpha Wall Tents by Elk Mountain Tents can make winter camping more enjoyable. Meanwhile, environmentally friendly practices like collecting rainwater and cooking quick meals can help reduce your impact on nature.

If you’re planning a tent long term camping trip soon, consider investing in quality gear like propane heaters and packing wisely to ensure a successful adventure. For the perfect tent for full-time camping or to make camping more comfortable, check out the canvas tent options available. A tent with a warm and sturdy tent floor is also important for a good night’s sleep. Bell tents are a popular choice for their spaciousness and ease of setup.

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