Rolling with Ease The Top Kayak Carts

Rolling with Ease: The Top Kayak Carts

Every paddler knows the joys of kayaking are well worth investing in. This includes all the necessary gear, from specialty kayaks and accessories to custom kayak decals. Hauling all that gear, however, is another matter. The good news is kayak carts can make getting to your kayak adventure a breeze. 

Choosing the kayak cart that’s right for you, however, can feel like a difficult decision. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve gone ahead and ranked 2023’s best kayak carts for you. 

1. C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart by Railblaza

For paddlers whose kayak trips tend to take them to rugged destinations, the C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart by Railblaza is perfect. It can haul larger kayaks with its 260-lb load capacity. Adjustable rubber pads cushion your kayak when traveling over bumpy roads and puncture-free wheels keep you rolling. No tools are needed for assembly and disassembly is a breeze.

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2. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Carts

If your kayak and accessories are more heavy-duty, you’ll need the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Cart. Its airless wheels and 250 lb. capacity mean you get peace of mind even on rocky, jagged terrain. The width is adjustable to fit various kayak sizes and a spring-loaded kickstand keeps everything stable while you load the cart. When you’re done, the entire cart folds down for easy storage.

3. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart

The Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart’s name says it all. It’s ideal for paddlers with a scupper-style kayak. Thoughtfully designed with the unique needs of this specific type of kayak in mind, it features an adjustable width to keep any size kayak secure. Airless wheels and a corrosion-resistant aluminum frame mean it’s ideal for more rugged areas of the great outdoors. A removable kickstand means you can load or unload virtually anywhere and a 200 lb. capacity can handle all your gear. 

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4. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

If you’re looking for a kayak cart that is more basic and gets the job done, you can’t go wrong with the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart. A powder-coated aluminum frame and foldable design make it exceptionally lightweight and easy to store. Still, it will haul a good 125 lbs. Airless wheels are suitable for tough terrain and a removable top bar adds to this kayak cart’s versatility.  

5. Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak Cart

Another cart designed for scupper kayaks, the Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak has plenty of features that make it worth consideration. It has a decent 150 lb. capacity and airless wheels so it can take you to almost any launch site. The width is adjustable and a center foam block is completely removable. No matter what kind of scupper kayak you have, this cart can likely haul it. When you’re done with it, the cart breaks down completely for easy storage. 

6. Bonnlo Universal Kayak Carrier 

Another versatile kayak cart, the Bonnlo Universal Kayak Carrier can haul virtually any size kayak thanks to its adjustable width and 165-pound load capacity. Solid rubber wheels can traverse most terrain and a removable kickstand makes loading and unloading easy. When you’re done, a foldable design makes the kayak cart easy to store. 

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7. TMS Kayak Cart

If a kayak cart that’s easy to store and lightweight is your main priority, then the TMS Kayak Cart is for you. It will haul most small-to-mid-size kayaks with its 120-pound load capacity. The adjustable width adds to its versatility and solid rubber wheels mean the cart rolls instead of you having to push or pull it. It folds completely down for compact storage made even easier by a removable kickstand. 

8. Sea to Summit Kayak Cart

The Sea to Summit Kayak Cart is an ideal choice for paddlers who need durability. It only hauls 154 pounds but its aluminum, corrosion-resistant frame and puncture-free wheels mean it can handle even the most rough conditions and terrain.

9. Rad Sportz Kayak Trolley Pro

The Rad Sportz Kayak Trolley Pro is great for those on a budget who just want something that gets the job done. Suitable for smaller kayaks or less gear, it has a 150-pound load capacity. However, the width does adjust to fit different-sized kayaks. Solid rubber wheels can get you and your kayak where you need to go. A removable kickstand and foldable frame make it super compact and easy to store. 

10. RAILZ Youth Kayak Cart

This kid-sized kayak cart is perfect for young kayakers who need a cart that accommodates their smaller-sized kayaks. It hauls up to 50 pounds on solid rubber wheels but still adjusts to fit various kayak sizes, even within the kid range. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, so kids can take care of their own gear. 

11. Bonnlo Kayak Cart with Airless Tires

If you need your kayak to get to where you’re going, but also don’t want storage to be a hassle, the Bonnlo Kayak Cart with Airless Tires fits the bill. It will haul a solid 165 pounds on its airless tires. The middle adjusts to fit various sizes and when you’re done kickstand is removable and it folds right up.

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