The Best Camping Gifts For Kids

The Best Camping Gifts For Kids

Searching for the best camping gifts for kids can be a daunting task, especially when you want to encourage their love for nature and outdoor adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled an extensive list of unique and exciting gift ideas that cater to children of all ages.

From practical items like water bottles designed specifically for small hands and durable socks to educational tools such as pocket nature guides and walkie-talkies, these camping gifts will not only enhance your child’s outdoor experience but also foster curiosity about the environment. We also delve into active adventure gifts like slacklines, rocket launchers, and GoPro cameras that provide endless fun while exploring the great outdoors.

In addition to outdoor activities, our suggestions include creative camping gifts such as rock painting kits and LCD writing tablets which promote artistic expression even during family trips. Furthermore, we recognize that indoor entertainment is essential during downtime or unfavorable weather conditions; hence we recommend engaging in board games suitable for campsites along with memory-matching card games enhancing cognitive skills.

With our selection of camping gifts for kids, you can make sure your family trip is both fun and educational.

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Camping Gifts for Younger Kids

Encourage younger kids to explore the great outdoors with age-appropriate camping gifts like Nalgene water bottles, Darn Tough socks, and engaging books such as Backpack Explorer’s Camping Alphabet and Birdwatching Guide. Fun additions to their camping kit can include a butterfly net or playground ball.

Nalgene Water Bottles are Designed for Small Hands

Nalgene water bottles are perfect for keeping your little ones hydrated during their outdoor adventures. These durable, leak-proof bottles come in various sizes and designs that cater specifically to small hands, making them easy to grip while exploring nature. Plus, they’re BPA-free, ensuring safe drinking throughout the day.

Durable Darn Tough Socks for Young Campers

A good pair of socks is essential when it comes to enjoying a comfortable family camping trip. Gift your child with high-quality, durable Darn Tough socks that provide excellent cushioning and support during long hikes or playtime at the campsite. Made from merino wool blend material, these socks keep feet warm in cold weather and wick away moisture on hot days – perfect for all types of outdoor adventures.

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Engaging Nature-Themed Books

  • Backpack Explorer’s Camping Alphabet – This interactive book introduces young kids to the wonders of camping and nature through fun activities, games, and educational content. It makes for a great companion during their first camping trips.
  • Birdwatching Guide Teach your child about the fascinating world of birds with this comprehensive guide that features stunning photographs and interesting facts about various bird species found in North America. The book encourages kids to observe and appreciate these beautiful creatures while exploring the outdoors.

In addition to these gifts, consider adding some extra fun items like a butterfly net or playground ball that can keep younger kids entertained during their outdoor escapades. These simple yet enjoyable toys will make any camping trip more memorable for both you and your little ones.

The Key Takeaway: This article provides great ideas for camping gifts that will make outdoor adventures more enjoyable and educational for younger kids, such as Nalgene water bottles, Darn Tough socks, and interactive books like Backpack Explorer’s Camping Alphabet, and Birdwatching Guide. With these items plus a few extras like a butterfly net or playground ball in their kit, your little ones are sure to have an awesome time.

Practical Camping Gifts for Older Kids

As children grow older, they may appreciate more practical gifts that cater to their specific needs during outdoor adventures. Consider gifting items such as Foxelli headlamps, Thermarest Compressible Pillows, hammocks or even tent bunk beds which offer comfort without sacrificing portability.

Foxelli Headlamps for Nighttime Exploration

Foxelli headlamps are perfect for nighttime exploration and hands-free activities while camping. These lightweight, water-resistant headlamps provide bright illumination with adjustable settings, making them an essential piece of camping gear for any adventurous kid who loves exploring after dark.

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Thermarest Compressible Pillows Providing Portable Comfort

A good night’s sleep is crucial when you’re camping, and the Thermarest Compressible Pillow provides portable comfort that kids will love on their family camping trips. This compact pillow expands to a full-size cushion when needed but compresses down into a small package when not in use – perfect for backpacking or car-camping adventures.

Hammocks Offering Relaxation and Playtime Opportunities

ENO Hammocks:

a popular choice among campers of all ages due to their durability and comfort. These hammocks are straightforward to set up and take down, making them a great present for older children who wish to have an enjoyable spot for either lounging or playing during their camping trips.

Kammok Roo:

a high-quality camping hammock that is designed with tear-resistant fabric and can hold up to 500 pounds. This makes it perfect for both solo relaxation time and group hangouts during outdoor adventures.

Whether your child prefers reading in solitude or socializing with friends, a comfortable hammock will make their camping experience even more enjoyable.

Tent Bunk Beds: A Space-Saving Solution

For families with limited tent space, consider gifting tent bunk beds, like the ones from Disc-O-Bed. These innovative sleeping solutions allow campers to stack two cots on top of each other, maximizing floor space inside the tent. Not only do they provide a comfortable sleeping surface but also double as benches during daytime activities.

The Key Takeaway: This article provides great gift ideas for older kids who are into camping, such as Foxelli headlamps, Thermarest Compressible Pillows and hammocks. For those with limited tent space, Disc-O-Bed Tent Bunk Beds provide a space saving solution that can double up as benches during the day – making them ideal gifts to make their outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

Educational Outdoor Exploration Tools

With educational outdoor exploration tools, you can spark their curiosity and help them learn more about the environment around them. From pocket nature guides to walkie-talkies, these gifts are perfect for young explorers who want to delve deeper into the great outdoors.

Pocket Nature Guides foster curiosity about the environment

Pocket Nature Guides make excellent companions on hikes by helping young explorers identify plants, animals, rocks and other natural wonders around them. These compact guides fit easily in a backpack or pocket and cover various topics such as birds, trees, insects and wildflowers. By gifting a Pocket Nature Guide relevant to your child’s interests or local area flora/fauna, you’ll be encouraging their love for learning while also providing an engaging activity during camping trips.

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Walkie-talkies promoting communication and teamwork

Kids love using walkie-talkies, especially when they’re exploring the wilderness together with friends or family members. Not only do these devices add excitement to outdoor adventures but they also enhance safety by allowing campers to stay connected over distances without relying on cell phone signals. Walkie-talkies foster teamwork skills among users as they coordinate movements during group activities like scavenger hunts or team games at campsites – making it one of those unique kid’s camping gifts that are both fun and practical.

Camping Journal for recording outdoor memories

A camping journal is a thoughtful gift idea for kids who enjoy writing or drawing. Encourage them to document their experiences, observations, and discoveries during each family camping trip in this special keepsake. They can record the weather conditions, wildlife sightings, new friends made at the campsite or even draw maps of their favorite hiking trails. This creative outlet will not only help them remember all the wonderful moments from their outdoor adventures but also improve their writing and observational skills along the way.

  • Pocket Nature Guides: Foster curiosity about plants, animals and natural wonders around them.
  • Walkie-talkies: Promote communication among young explorers while enhancing safety on hikes or other group activities.
  • Camping Journal: Allows kids to document memorable moments from every adventure they embark upon – making it an ideal addition to any camper’s essential gear list.

The Key Takeaway: This article offers some great gift ideas for kids who love camping, such as pocket nature guides to help them identify plants and animals in the wild, walkie-talkies to stay connected over distances without relying on cell phone signals, and a camping journal that encourages creative writing. These gifts are sure to bring out their inner explorer.

Active Adventure Gifts

For active youngsters who enjoy physical challenges at campsites, consider gifting slacklines or rocket launchers, which test balance abilities while providing thrilling experiences. GoPro cameras capture all action-packed moments experienced during outdoor excursions – making them suitable presents particularly suited towards teenagers who wish to document their adventures creatively through photography and videography mediums alike.

Slacklines testing balance abilities in an exciting way

The perfect camping gift for kids with a sense of adventure, slacklining is not only fun but also helps improve core strength, balance, and coordination. With various difficulty levels available, it’s easy to find the right slackline kit for your child’s age and skill level. Plus, setting up a slackline between two trees at the campsite will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Rocket launchers encouraging friendly competition

Kids love launching rockets into the sky. Rocket launchers make great kids camping gifts because they’re easy to use and encourage friendly competition among siblings or friends. They can take turns stomping on the launcher pad to see whose rocket flies highest – adding excitement and laughter to any family camping trip.

GoPro cameras for documenting outdoor adventures

  • Capture memories: A GoPro camera is an excellent gift for older kids who love camping and want to document their outdoor adventures. They can create fun videos, take action shots, or even make time-lapse recordings of the beautiful scenery around them.
  • Durable and waterproof: Designed to withstand rough handling and extreme conditions, GoPro cameras are perfect for outdoorsy kids who might be too tough on regular cameras.
  • Shareable content: With easy-to-use editing software available from GoPro, your child can quickly turn their footage into shareable content that they’ll be proud to show off to friends and family.

Whether it’s testing balance skills with a slackline or capturing memories with a GoPro camera, these active adventure gifts will surely delight any kid during their next camping trip.

The Key Takeaway: Active adventure gifts such as slacklines, rocket launchers and GoPro cameras make great presents for kids who love camping. These unique items provide fun ways to test balance abilities, capture memories and encourage friendly competition while enjoying the outdoors.

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Outdoor Explorer Kits and Tree Climbing Sets

One way to encourage their curiosity and love for the outdoors is by gifting them with an Outdoor Explorer Kit. These kits typically contain a variety of tools that can help budding naturalists delve deeper into their surroundings.

Essential Tools in an Outdoor Explorer Kit

  • Magnifying glass: Perfect for examining small insects, plants, or rocks up close.
  • Bug catcher: Allows kids to safely catch and observe bugs before releasing them back into the wild.
  • Tweezers: Useful for picking up small objects without harming delicate creatures or plants.
  • Notebook and pencil: Encourages young explorers to document their findings during hikes or other outdoor activities.

A range of other items can be found in explorer kits – such as compasses, binoculars, flashlights, whistles and more – that make outdoor exploration even more thrilling.

Exciting Tree Climbing Kits for Adventurous Kids

If you have a little daredevil on your hands who loves scaling heights at every opportunity they get during family camping trips then consider gifting them with a fun-filled tree climbing kit. A popular option among parents looking out for unique camping gift ideas would be one featuring handholds attached ratchet straps which allow children climb trees safely while building strength coordination skills simultaneously; such as this amazing Tree Climbing Kit.

These kits usually come with everything needed for a thrilling tree-climbing experience, including:

  • Ratchet straps: Easily adjustable, and secure to trees without causing damage.
  • Handholds: Designed for small hands, providing grip and support while climbing.
  • Safety helmet: Protects your child’s head during their adventurous climbs.

An outdoor explorer kit or tree climbing set can be the perfect camping gift that not only keeps kids entertained but also helps them develop essential skills as they explore the great outdoors. So go ahead and surprise your little adventurer with one of these fantastic gifts on their next camping trip.

The Key Takeaway: This article presents some great camping gift ideas for kids, such as Outdoor Explorer Kits and Tree Climbing Sets. These kits provide young explorers with the necessary tools to explore nature safely while having fun and developing essential skills in the process.

Creative Camping Gifts

Camping trips provide the perfect opportunity for kids to unleash their creativity and explore new artistic outlets. With these unique camping gift ideas, you can encourage children to express themselves through various forms of art while enjoying the great outdoors.

Rock painting kits fostering artistic expression

A rock painting kit is a fantastic way to inspire young artists during camping trips. These kits usually include paint, brushes, and other essential supplies needed for creating beautiful designs on rocks found in nature. Kids will love spending hours decorating their newfound treasures and leaving them behind as little surprises for future campers or taking them home as keepsakes from their outdoor adventures.

LCD writing tablets promoting creativity on-the-go

An LCD writing tablet makes an excellent gift for kids who enjoy drawing but don’t want to carry around bulky sketchbooks or worry about running out of paper. These lightweight tablets allow users to draw with a stylus directly onto the screen and easily erase their work when they’re ready to start anew – making it perfect for doodling during downtime at the campsite.

Metal detectors inspiring treasure hunts

If your child loves adventure and mystery, consider gifting them a metal detector. This cool camping gift encourages exploration by allowing kids to search for hidden treasures like coins, jewelry, and other metal objects buried beneath the ground. Gifting a metal detector to your child can be an excellent way to teach them valuable traits like patience and tenacity while they have fun searching for buried trinkets.

By choosing creative camping gifts that cater to your child’s interests and passions, you can make their outdoor experiences even more memorable. Whether it’s through rock painting, drawing on an LCD tablet or searching for hidden treasures with a metal detector – these unique gift ideas are sure to spark joy in any young camper.

The Key Takeaway: This article outlines creative camping gifts that can spark joy in any young camper, such as rock painting kits for artistic expression, LCD writing tablets to draw on the go and metal detectors to inspire treasure hunts. With these unique ideas you can hit a home run when it comes to choosing presents for outdoor adventures.

Indoor Entertainment During Camping Trips

Even though camping trips are all about enjoying the great outdoors, sometimes weather conditions or other factors might force you and your family to spend some time inside. In such cases, it’s essential to have a few indoor entertainment options on hand for kids. Board games, card games, and bikes can be perfect gifts that ensure children stay engaged and entertained even when they’re not exploring nature.

Engaging board games suitable for campsites

Board games make excellent camping gifts as they provide hours of fun while also promoting social interaction among family members. Choose lightweight and compact board games like Bananagrams, Hive Pocket Edition, or Sushi Go., which are easy to pack in your camping bag without taking up too much space.

Memory matching card games enhance cognitive skills

In addition to being entertaining, memory-matching card games offer cognitive development benefits by improving concentration and focus.

Games like I Never Forget a Face Memory Game or Ravensburger Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It. Card Game em>are designed specifically for younger kids who will enjoy identifying colorful characters while honing their memory skills. Bikes are a great gift idea for kids who love exploring their surroundings during camping trips. Opt for kids’ bikes with sturdy frames and wide tires that can handle various terrains, ensuring your little ones can ride around the campsite or nearby trails safely. Don’t forget to pack essential safety gear like helmets and knee pads as well.

The Key Takeaway: Board games, memory matching card games and bikes make great camping gifts for kids that will keep them entertained while also providing cognitive development benefits. With these items in tow, your little ones can explore their surroundings safely and have a blast during the family camping trip.

FAQs ABOUT Best Camping Gifts For Kids – Sun Water Dirt

What are the best camping gifts for kids?

Camping gifts for kids should be fun, safe and engaging. A tent or sleeping bag can be an excellent beginning for kids to discover the outdoors and have their own area.

Binoculars are another good option that can help children observe nature up close. Flashlights are also useful for exploring in the dark and keeping track of items during hikes.

Finally, a first aid kit is essential for any outdoor adventure – especially when camping with young ones.

How can I make camping more fun for kids?

Camping can be a fun and exciting experience for kids. Parents should get ready in advance to guarantee the trip is secure and orderly.

Make sure to bring plenty of activities such as games, books, toys or crafts that will keep your children entertained throughout the day.

Additionally, allow them to explore nature by helping with tasks like setting up camp or gathering firewood while teaching them about their environment. Finally, end each night with stories around the campfire and some roasted marshmallows.

What types of camping gear do kids need?

For kids, the essential camping gear includes a sleeping bag and pad, an appropriate shelter or tent for the weather conditions, clothing suitable to the environment, sunscreen, and insect repellent; as well as other items depending on age and activity level such as hiking boots or sandals.

For kids, depending on age and activity level, boots or sandals may be essential gear for a camping trip. Additionally, if you plan on cooking while camping makes sure your child has all the necessary cookware needed like pots and pans as well as eating utensils.

Flashlights with extra batteries should also be included in case you’re out after dark. Finally don’t forget about entertainment options like books or games that can help keep them occupied during down time at camp.

What safety considerations should be taken when buying camping gifts for children?

When buying camping gifts for children, safety should be a top priority. Ensure the item is suitable for the age of the child and has been tested to meet relevant safety regulations.

Be aware of any potential hazards associated with the gift such as sharp edges or pieces that could break off easily. Verify that the item is constructed with materials not hazardous to health, such as those without lead, phthalates or BPA.

Read reviews online before making your purchase to ensure it meets all expectations in terms of quality and durability. Finally, check to make sure there are no small parts which could present choking hazards if swallowed by young children.

Are there any special activities or games that can be used to entertain kids while on a camping trip?

There are many activities and games that can keep them entertained while outdoors. Kids can have a blast on camping trips with games like scavenging, constructing makeshift dwellings, exploring nature, angling, chasing each other in the woods or playing hide-and-seek.

Games like charades or campfire stories can also help pass the time and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Additionally, parents should bring along some of their child’s favorite toys or books to add variety and keep things interesting during downtime at the campsite.


In conclusion, camping gifts for kids of all ages can be found to make the perfect outdoor adventure. No matter the age, there are countless possibilities to bring joy and enthusiasm on any family outing. From educational toys and games to cozy sleeping bags and flashlights, you’ll find something special for every age group that is sure to create lasting memories during your next camping trip.

Join us on to discover the best camping gifts for kids and explore all of your outdoor adventure options! From fishing, hiking, watersports and more, we have something fun for everyone!

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