best fishing multi-tools

Best Fishing Multi-Tools

Multi-Tools are essential companions for any angler, providing a versatile and efficient solution to tackle various tasks during a fishing trip. These innovative gadgets combine several individual tools into one compact device, making it easier than ever to access the right tool at the right time.

In this guide, we will explore the numerous benefits of owning a top-quality fishing multi-tool and provide valuable info on what features to look for when purchasing one. Moreover, we’ll look into the various options available in today’s market that can meet different requirements and tastes.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to effectively use your fishing multi-tool by understanding its various functions and applications. We will also share maintenance tips that ensure your investment remains durable and functional throughout countless adventures. Finally, discover common mistakes anglers make while using these devices as well as creative ways you can utilize your Best Fishing Multi tools beyond their standard capabilities.

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1. What Are the Benefits of Fishing Multi Tools?

In this section, we will explore some of the key advantages of owning a fishing multi tool, such as convenience, portability, and versatility.


A fishing multi tool combines several useful tools into one compact device. This means you no longer need to carry around multiple separate tools in your tackle box or backpack. Instead of toting around a multitude of individual tools, you can now have all the necessities in one convenient tool. Some common features found in these versatile devices include pliers for removing hooks and cutting lines, knives for cleaning fish or cutting bait, screwdrivers for adjusting reels or other equipment on-the-go and even bottle openers.


Fishing multi tools are designed to be lightweight and compact so they won’t weigh down your gear bag when not in use. Many models come with built-in carabiner clips or lanyard holes making it easy to attach them securely onto belt loops or backpack straps ensuring they’re always within reach when needed.

  • Durability: Most fishing multi tools are made from high-quality materials like stainless steel which ensures durability even after repeated exposure to water elements during outdoor adventures.
  • User-friendly design: These gadgets often feature ergonomic handles providing comfortable grip while using various functions available on each model – perfect for long days spent out by the water’s edge trying to catch the big one.
  • Versatility: With many different tools combined into one device, a fishing multi tool can be used for various tasks beyond just fishing. This makes it an invaluable companion not only for anglers but also campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general.


One of the main benefits of owning a fishing multi tool is its versatility. These gadgets are designed to perform multiple functions which means you’ll always have the right instrument at hand no matter what situation arises during your angling adventures – whether you need to cut through tangled line quickly or remove a stubborn hook from a fish’s mouth safely without causing injury to yourself.

In addition to being useful while out on the water pursuing your catch of the day, many features found within these devices can prove handy in other aspects of life too, such as opening bottles when camping with friends after a long hike up a mountain trail or even fixing small issues around the house like tightening loose screws on furniture items. So why wait? Invest in a quality fishing multi tool today and reap the numerous rewards they offer both on and off the water.

Key Points To Remember: 

Fishing multi tools are a convenient and portable addition to any angler’s gear, combining several useful tools into one compact device. Made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, these handy little tools feature ergonomic handles providing comfortable grip while performing various functions such as cutting lines or removing hooks. Their versatility makes them an invaluable companion not only for anglers but also campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general.

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What to Look for When Buying a Fishing Multi Tool

Finding the perfect fishing multi tool can be an exciting adventure, as there are numerous options available on the market. To ensure you get the most out of your purchase, consider these essential features when selecting a fishing multi tool.

Durability and Quality

A high-quality fishing multi tool should be made from durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It’s essential to invest in a reliable product that won’t let you down during critical moments while out on the water. Reading reviews from other users is also helpful in determining which brands offer long-lasting tools.

Functionality and Versatility

The primary purpose of owning a multi-tool is having access to various functions in one compact device. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a model with all necessary tools required for different fishing situations, such as pliers, knives, scissors, screwdrivers, bottle openers, and more. The more versatile your multi-tool is – the better prepared you’ll be for any scenario.

Size and Portability

  • Compact: A smaller-sized multi tool will easily fit into pockets or tackle boxes without taking up much space but may have fewer functionalities compared to larger models.
  • Moderate: Medium-sized tools strike a balance between portability and functionality by offering enough features without being too bulky.
  • Bulky: Larger tools provide maximum versatility with numerous functions but can be cumbersome to carry around.

Consider your personal preferences and the type of fishing you’ll be doing when deciding on the size of your multi-tool.

Ease of Use

A good fishing multi tool should have an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to use. Look for models with non-slip grips, smooth opening mechanisms, and locking systems that ensure safety while using sharp tools. It’s also essential to choose a tool that can be operated with one hand if needed – this will come in handy during those moments when you need quick access.

Price Range

Fishing multi-tools are available at various price points, so it’s crucial to find one within your budget without compromising quality or functionality. Though pricier models may offer extra capabilities or better-grade materials, there are still many economical selections that provide great worth for your money.

By considering these factors before purchasing a fishing multi tool, you’ll ensure a fantastic experience out on the water while being well-prepared for any situation.

Key Points To Remember: 

When looking for the best fishing multi tool, it’s important to consider factors such as durability and quality, functionality and versatility, size and portability, ease of use, and price range. A high-quality multi-tool should be made from durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions while providing various functions in one compact device. Additionally, finding a model with an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to use will ensure you’re well-prepared for any situation out on the water without breaking your budget.

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3. Best Fishing Multi Tools on the Market

We have researched and compiled a list of top-rated fishing multi tools that are available today. These multi tools offer various features to make your fishing experience more enjoyable and efficient.

a) Leatherman Wave+

The Leatherman Wave+ is an all-time favorite among anglers due to its durability, functionality, and versatility. This stainless steel tool comes with 18 different functions including pliers, wire cutters, knife blades, screwdrivers, scissors, bottle opener, and many more. The premium replaceable wire cutters add extra value as they can be replaced when worn out instead of buying a new tool altogether.

b) Gerber Suspension NXT

Gerber Suspension NXT is another popular choice for fishermen looking for a lightweight yet sturdy multi-tool option. It features 15 different tools such as needle-nose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutter/stripper combo along with other essential tools like knives and screwdrivers – everything you need in one compact package.

c) Victorinox Swiss Army Fisherman Pocket Knife

If you’re searching for something smaller than traditional multitools but still packed with useful features specifically designed for fishing activities, then look no further than the Victorinox Swiss Army Fisherman Pocket Knife. This classic pocket knife comes with 18 functions, including a fish scaler and hook disgorger – perfect for those quick fishing trips.

d) SOG PowerLock EOD Multi Tool

For anglers who need something more heavy-duty, the SOG PowerLock EOD Multi Tool is an excellent choice. It features 22 tools in one, including needle-nose pliers with wire cutters and crimpers specifically designed for handling fishing lines and hooks. The compound leverage system makes it easier to apply force when cutting or gripping.

e) Leatherman Signal Outdoor Multi Tool

Last but not least, the Leatherman Signal Outdoor Multi Tool is another fantastic option for outdoor enthusiasts who love both fishing and camping adventures. Alongside its standard multi-tool features like pliers, knives, screwdrivers, etc., this tool also includes some unique survival-focused additions such as a fire starter rod and emergency whistle.

Before deciding which fishing multi tool to buy, make sure you consider what your individual needs are. Happy fishing.

Fishing multi tools are a great way to make your fishing experience easier and more enjoyable. With the right tool, you can confidently ensure that your fishing excursion is equipped for any challenge. Let’s now explore utilizing one of these convenient tools.

Key Points To Remember: 

This section provides a list of the best fishing multi tools on the market, including options from Leatherman, Gerber, Victorinox Swiss Army, and SOG. Each tool offers various features to make your fishing experience more enjoyable and efficient. Before purchasing a tool, consider your individual needs for optimal use.

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How to Use a Fishing Multi Tool

Fishing multi-tools are essential tools for any fishing trip. They are designed to make your fishing experience more enjoyable and efficient. In this section, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a fishing multi-tool safely and effectively.

Unfolding the Tools

First, you need to unfold the necessary tools from your multi-tool for the task at hand. Most fishing multi-tools have a locking mechanism that keeps them secure when not in use. To unlock it, press down on the release button or slide it open before pulling out the desired tool.

Cutting Line or Removing Hooks

To cut through fishing line with ease, locate the built-in scissors or cutting blade on your fishing multi-tool. Hold onto one end of the line while carefully snipping away with precision using these sharp instruments. To remove hooks from fish’s mouth without causing harm, utilize either needle-nose pliers or forceps found within most models of fishing multi-tools.

  1. Grip the hook firmly between the jaws of pliers/forceps.
  2. Hold the fish steady by gripping its body gently but securely behind the head area (avoiding gills).
  3. Pull back slowly while twisting the wrist slightly until the hook dislodges itself. If needed, apply additional pressure via thumb/index finger along the shank portion near the eyelet hole where the line attaches for added leverage during the removal process.

Splitting Shot Sinkers and Crimping Sleeves

If you need to split shot sinkers for weight adjustments or crimp sleeves onto leaders/wire traces during rigging processes:

  • Locate the split shot crimper/cutter tool within your fishing multi-tool.
  • Position the sinker/sleeve accordingly between designated grooves or cutting edges before applying pressure via handles until the desired outcome is achieved (either splitting shots evenly apart or securing them tightly around the line).

Opening Cans and Bottles

Fishing multi-tools often come with can openers and bottle openers to make mealtime at the shore more convenient. To use these features:

  1. For cans: Place the blade of the can opener under the lip of the can’s lid and apply downward pressure while turning it clockwise to puncture through the metal surface. Continue this motion along the entire circumference until fully detached from the container body.
  2. For bottles: Hook the edge of the bottle cap beneath the opener’s notch then lever upwards using the handle as a fulcrum point – doing so should easily remove the top without any issues whatsoever.

Tightening Screws or Bolts

If you need to tighten screws or bolts on your fishing gear, locate an appropriate screwdriver bit or wrench attachment within your multi-tool arsenal:

  • Select the correct size/type based upon fastener head shape/size requirements (e.g., flathead vs Phillips).
  • Grip the handle firmly while aligning the tip securely into the groove/socket area before rotating clockwise direction for tightening purposes; reverse the process counterclockwise if loosening is required.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a happy fishing experience with your durable fishing multi-tool. Don’t forget to pack it in your fishing backpack or tackle box before you head out on your next fishing trip.

Key Points To Remember: 

Learn how to use a fishing multi-tool safely and effectively with these step-by-step instructions. From unfolding the necessary tools to cutting line, removing hooks, splitting shot sinkers, opening cans and bottles, and tightening screws or bolts – this guide has got you covered for your next fishing trip. So pack your durable fishing multi-tool in your backpack or tackle box before heading out on an adventure.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Fishing Multi Tool

Maintaining your fishing multi tool is essential to ensure its longevity and functionality. With the right maintenance, you can ensure that your multi-tool is always in peak condition and ready for any outdoor activity. Here are some helpful tips on how to maintain your multi-tool:

1. Clean After Each Use

To prevent rusting or corrosion, make sure to clean your fishing multi tool after each use, especially if it has been exposed to saltwater or dirt. You can use a soft brush with warm water and mild soap to remove debris. Rinse thoroughly and dry completely before storing.

2. Lubricate Moving Parts Regularly

Lubricating the moving parts of your multi-tool ensures smooth operation and prevents wear over time. Apply a small amount of light machine oil or silicone-based lubricant on hinges, pliers, scissors, etc., every few months or as needed.

3. Sharpen Blades Periodically

  • A sharp blade is more efficient and safer than a dull one when cutting lines or filleting fish.
  • Sharpening blades periodically will help maintain their effectiveness during tasks.
  • You can use a sharpening stone or specialized knife sharpener designed for pocket knives.

4. Inspect Your Multi-Tool Regularly

Routinely inspect your fishing multi tool for any signs of damage, such as loose screws or broken components. If you notice any issues, address them immediately to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of use.

5. Store in a Dry Place

To avoid rusting or corrosion, always store your multi-tool in a dry place when not in use. A protective case or pouch can help keep it safe from moisture and other elements that may cause harm.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your fishing multi tool and enjoy its many benefits during countless outdoor adventures.

Key Points To Remember: 

Maintaining your fishing multi-tool is crucial for its longevity and functionality. To keep it in excellent condition, clean it after each use, lubricate moving parts regularly, sharpen blades periodically, inspect it frequently for damage and store it in a dry place to avoid rusting or corrosion. By following these simple tips, you can extend the lifespan of your tool and enjoy using it during countless outdoor adventures.

6. Common Mistakes When Using a Fishing Multi Tool

Fishing multi-tools are incredibly useful, but they can also be misused or underutilized if you’re not careful. In this section, we’ll discuss some common mistakes people make when using their fishing multi-tool and how to avoid them.

Not Reading the Instructions

The first mistake many users make is neglecting to read the instructions that come with their multi-tool. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with your specific model’s features and functions before using it for the first time. By understanding how each component works, you’ll be able to use your fishing multi-tool more effectively and safely.

Using Tools Incorrectly

Another common mistake is using tools in ways they were not designed for or putting too much pressure on them. This can lead to damage or even breakage of your multi-tool components. Utilize the proper apparatus for each undertaking and apply only as much power as is required to complete it.

Ignoring Safety Precautions

Safety should always be a top priority when using any type of equipment, including fishing multi-tools. Failing to follow safety precautions can result in accidents or injuries while out on the water. The American Red Cross provides guidelines on general water safety that everyone should adhere to while enjoying outdoor activities near bodies of water.

  • Always keep your fingers away from sharp edges when opening or closing tools.
  • Avoid cutting towards yourself whenever possible; instead, cut away from your body.
  • Ensure all tools are securely locked in place before using them.
  • Wear safety gear, such as gloves and goggles, to ensure your protection when using the tool.

Failing to Clean and Maintain Your Multi-Tool

Neglecting to clean and maintain your fishing multi-tool can lead to rust, corrosion, or other damage that may affect its performance. Regular cleaning after each use is crucial for keeping your multi-tool in good working condition. Additionally, periodic maintenance tasks like sharpening blades or tightening screws will help extend the life of your fishing multi-tool.

Not Taking Advantage of All Features

Last but not least, many users don’t fully utilize their fishing multi-tool’s capabilities. By exploring all the features offered by your specific model – from pliers and scissors to bottle openers and screwdrivers – you’ll be able to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease while out on the water. Popular Mechanics offers some creative ways to make the most out of any multi-tool you own.

Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure that you get the most out of your fishing multi-tool while also staying safe during outdoor adventures. Happy angling.

It is important to be aware of common mistakes when using a fishing multi tool, as they can lead to disastrous consequences. With that in mind, let’s explore creative ways you can use your fishing multi tool for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Key Points To Remember: 

Fishing multi-tools are incredibly useful, but they can be misused or underutilized if you’re not careful. Common mistakes include neglecting to read the instructions, using tools incorrectly, ignoring safety precautions, failing to clean and maintain your multi-tool and not taking advantage of all features. By avoiding these common mistakes you’ll get the most out of your fishing multi-tool while also staying safe during outdoor adventures.

7 Creative Ways to Use Your Fishing Multi Tool

Fishing multi tools are incredibly versatile and can be used for various purposes beyond their intended use in fishing adventures. In this section, we will explore some unique ways you can utilize your fishing multi tool to make the most out of it.

7.1 Emergency Repairs

Your fishing multi tool is equipped with a variety of tools that can come in handy during emergency repairs while camping or hiking. For instance, pliers can help tighten loose bolts on your gear, while a screwdriver attachment might save the day when fixing broken sunglasses or adjusting trekking poles.

7.2 Outdoor Cooking Assistance

The versatility of a fishing multi tool makes it an excellent companion for outdoor cooking as well. You can use the knife blade to slice vegetables and fruits or open food packages effortlessly. The scissors may also prove useful when cutting aluminum foil or trimming herbs for seasoning.

  • Gutting fish: If you’re planning on cooking freshly caught fish at camp, using the gut hook feature on your fishing multi-tool is perfect for cleaning them quickly and efficiently.
  • Bottle opener: Many fishing multi-tools include bottle openers which are always appreciated around the campfire after a long day outdoors.

7.3 DIY Projects at Home

You don’t have to be exploring nature’s wonders to benefit from owning a quality fishing multi tool; they’re just as helpful around the house too. From tightening screws on furniture pieces to opening stubborn jars with pliers – there’s no shortage of creative uses for your multi tool at home.

7.4 First Aid Kit Addition

In case of an emergency, a fishing multi tool can be a valuable addition to your first aid kit. The scissors or knife blade can help cut bandages or gauze, while the tweezers may assist in removing splinters or ticks from skin safely.

7.5 Crafting and Art Projects

Fishing multi tools are not only practical but also perfect for unleashing your creative side. With various attachments like knives, scissors, and pliers available on most models – you’ll find them helpful when working on crafting projects such as jewelry making, woodworking, or even sculpting clay.

Key Points To Remember: 

Fishing multi tools are not just for fishing, they can be used in various ways such as emergency repairs, outdoor cooking assistance, DIY projects at home, first aid kit addition and crafting/art projects. They are versatile pieces of equipment that any outdoor enthusiast should own.

FAQs in Relation to Best Fishing Multi Tools

What is the Best Fishing Multi-Tool?

When it comes to fishing multi-tools, the best one for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, one popular choice among anglers is the Leatherman Signal. This multi-tool is known for its durability, versatility, and inclusion of essential fishing tools such as pliers, wire cutters, a knife blade, and more.

What Should a Good Fishing Multi-Tool Have?

A good fishing multi-tool should include essential features like needle-nose pliers, wire cutters/strippers, serrated and straight-edge knives, screwdrivers (flathead & Phillips), and a bottle opener/can opener combo tool or separate ones if needed. Additional useful tools are scissors or saws depending upon your requirements.

What is the Best Multi-Tool in No Man’s Sky?

In the No Man’s Sky game universe, an S-Class Experimental Multi-Tool with maximum slots (24) would be considered one of the best options available. These high-tiered multi-tools offer increased mining speed and damage potential while providing various other benefits to aid players during their exploration.

Where is Leatherman Made?

Leatherman, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality multi-tools including those designed for fishing enthusiasts, is based in Portland, Oregon, USA. All their products are manufactured domestically, ensuring top-notch quality control standards throughout the production process.


In conclusion, fishing multi-tools are a great investment for any angler. They offer convenience and versatility in one compact package, making them an essential item to have on your next fishing trip. When buying a fishing multi-tool, look for features such as corrosion-resistant materials and multiple functions.

Some of the best fishing multi-tools on the market include the Leatherman Wave+, Gerber Suspension NXT, and SOG PowerAssist. To get the most out of your fishing multi-tool, make sure to use it properly and maintain it regularly. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the water even more with the help of the best fishing multi-tools!

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